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Do you want to work from the comfort of your home? Do you need a rest from your 8 am to 5pm job? Look no further Essayshark.com is the place to be. This is a company that has done this kind of a thing for more than 7 years. Theirs is a project that is aimed at giving customers maximum satisfaction and quality writing services. One thing that you will love about this company is that it is online. This means that you can chat with customers from the convenience of your couch.

Other Benefits

As long as you are able to provide top quality work, you will always have something on your hands. There are several other reasons why you will love working with Essayshark.com. No one will limit the orders that you will handle at any one time. As long as you have excellent and undisputable academic skills, your bid per page is not beyond the limit and you maintain high ratings, you will continuously receive orders. It is upon you to decide when you want to work and from where.

It is also upon you to decide what orders you wish to work on. This of course is determined by your experience and skills. Decide your pay when bidding for each order. Essayshark.com gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers through a live chat.

Before you apply for a writing position at Essayshark.comur proficiency in academic writing is top notch. Freelancing with Essayshark will earn you the extra income that you need during these hard economic times. There are more orders than you can handle meaning that you will get as much as you wish. It is easy to choose from the over 500 orders because there are filters. It is also easy for you to know when you have a new order because you will receive an email notification.


Once you have completed an order, it is wise to rate the customer by giving a feedback. This is important especially if they were cooperative. The same way, remember that your customers will rate you. You should therefore be ready to give each order your very best.

Payment Methods and Awards

Expect to be awarded by Essayshark.com to deliver high quality work. This in most cases comes in the form of getting yourself the position of a Top Writer. This you will need when bidding for new orders. You receive your pay twice a month upon request through wire transfer and PayPal.

This Is Your Opportunity

Once you become a writer at Essayshark, you will be in a position to explore your writing potential to the fullest. Do not get discouraged if you do not receive orders as fast as you thought at the beginning. This is bound to happen regardless of the platform you are using. With time, you will love the working environment at Essayshark.com and also their user friendly interface. This is the place to be for all experienced, skilled and talented freelance writers.

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Proessaywriting.com company is GREAT!I have used their services several times and have never had a problem. I always received my order before the due date!!!!
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