Admission-service.com Review

It’s important for every student to work hard for getting a chance to get admitted into their expected

college or university. They must gain good marks in previous grades. But it’s not all they need to do. In

order to get a chance to read in your desired institution, it is very important for you to write the

application essay perfectly. But it is quite hard for every student to write an essay by their own and

getting a chance. The essay needs to be very much specialized and it must represent all of your

characteristics perfectly. Your specialty should be enlightened their so that the college authority can

take a look at those. So, you need to get help from experts. Experts are not as easy to say. Admission-

service.com gives you the chance to get a number of expert writers who can write the essay for you and

help you getting a chance to read in your desired college.




Admission-service.com is a group of professional writers. They say that they enjoy helping the students

to get chance in their desired University or college. They have established them as reputed and trusted

premier online academic writing server since over 15 years. The services they provide are listed below.

  1. Admission essay (which is the main service of this website)
  2. Personal statement
  3. Essay proofreading
  4. Essay editing &
  5. College essay

If you search about the reputation that this website has got, then you will have no hesitation to select

this particular website to be helped by.


Easily accessible


This website is very easily accessible. You can place your order and get the delivery in a very easy way.

Just follow the steps below:

✓ Fill the order form.

✓ Preview the order details and make the payments.

✓ An expert starts to write your essay and when done, you will get the email in your email id.

That’s as easy as it.


It has three categories

1. Standard

2. Premium

3. Platinum

The rate of standard quality varies from 22$ to 54$ while the urgency varies from 10 days to 3 hours.

The rate of premium quality varies from 24$ to 55$ while the urgency varies from 10 days to 3 hours.

The rate of platinum quality varies from 27$ to 60$ while the urgency varies from 10 days to 3 hours.

You can find more information on their website. The rates mentioned are only the rates for essay

writing. Other types have different rates.




Some extra thing that you can get from this website is 24 hour customer service. They give you some

guarantees of 100% money back, plagiarism free essays, confidentiality and payment security.


Admission-service.com provides you with a lot of services. It doesn’t hamper your privacy. And make the

essays so good that your college of dream can’t deny you. This helps you to make your dreams come

true. And that’s why this website has its own reputation and is working proudly since more than 15

years. It is highly recommended for the students who wants a sure chance into his or her college of